Reduce your chances
of being a victim of identity theft
Get protection for your accounts and peace of mind for you with Deluxe ID TheftBlock®.
Having your identity stolen has never been easier. With a few pieces of information, a criminal can turn your life upside down. Deluxe ID TheftBlock® can monitor your accounts and helps you protect your good name.
Here’s how Deluxe ID TheftBlock® protects you:
Credit Monitoring and Alerts

Your credit records will be monitored each business day and you will be notified when new accounts are opened, inquiries are made or address changes occur.

Check Order Screening

You will be notified of any Deluxe check order placed on the Deluxe ID TheftBlock® protected account that requests a change in your name or address.

Theft Recovery Unit

If you become a victim of identity theft and notify us, we’ll provide the expert assistance you’ll need to help you document the damage and restore your accounts.

Identity Theft Insurance

We’ll help you recover certain expenses related to identity theft if you become a victim.

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